For extremely tough welding applications we offer our unique WELD-GUARD Ultra (WGU) coating for impedor casings.

Weld Guard ultra-2











The coating is a ceramic based material, the main constituent of which is high purity Zirconia, this incredible thermal barrier material is capable of operating at temperatures up to 1400°C. The coating is smooth, hard wearing, dense in nature and completely non-metallic, non-conductive to electricity and transparent to radio frequency radiation. The coating is applied using a unique patented technology where it is effectively ‘welded’ to the composite material of the impedor casing. This controlled application process ensures there is no damage or deformation to the underlying material. WGU casings offer un-paralleled performance for difficult welding conditions like Stretch reducing mills, heavy wall tubing and coated steels.

We offer WGU casings for impedor casing diameters >30 mm