Ferrite Cores

Ferrite Cores – HR4B Grade

EHE Consumables is the Exclusive distributor of HR4B ferrite cores, a grade of ferrite specifically designed for the HF welding process and developed to exceed the performance of established ferrites like TDK IP-H. We have extensively tested this ferrite at major tube production plants in Europe and achieved results that have exceeded expectation.

HR4B has the widest size range available anywhere in the world with single cores available from 3mm up to 102mm diameter!  With large individual pieces of ferrites they are more robust, increase ferrite mass within the impedor and make changing /rebuilding assemblies so much easier than multiple small pieces.

Our ferrite has the LOWEST Losses meaning that HR4B can maintain optimum operational performance at higher temperatures than other ferrite cores.

ferrite 1


Only the highest specification sintering furnaces and analytical inspection equipment is utilised to maintain quality and monitor performance throughout the ferrite manufacturing process. Careful tooling design ensures accurate mechanical dimensions to achieve high efficiency & low losses, save welding energy, and concentrate HF power in the weld vee, thereby ensuring high integrity weld zone. HR4B ferrites are produced to ISO/TS 16949 certification. You can download our ferrite flyer here.


Size Range

We stock a wide range of diameters in MRS & MRSH type ferrites. We also offer MRF and MRH ferrites to order. There are almost 300 different sizes with a huge variation of OD x hole sizes to suit most customer requirements.

Special Ferrites

In addition to standard ferrites we also offer special ferrites as follows: