Impedor Fixing Systems




We offer a range of different impedor support systems for through flow, return flow and manifold impedors. These are custom manufactured to suit your specific tube mill and can be designed to cover a wide range of impedor diameters.


To achieve maximum operating life impedors should be adequately supported inside the welded tube, this prevents wear on the impedor casing and avoids marking the inside of the welded tube. Our support systems are cost effective solutions to this problem and can be supplied with adaptors to enable direct compatibility between through flow and return flow impedors. A three way adjustable mounting fixture enables easy and reliable impedor positioning. We also offer intermediate support brackets to prevent the impedor bar ‘drooping’. Seven overlapping sizes of mounting system covers impedors from 10mm through to 150mm.




We also offer simple couplings for return flow impedors where customers are able to fix the impedor close to the welding rolls/seam guide.


RFICouplings 002