Impedors for small diameters




For small diameter tubing we design our impedors to enable maximum ferrite mass inside the tube, we also can advise on modifications to cooling circuits to reduce ‘blowback’ emulsion during production. This is where coolant is forced back up the tube as the flying saw makes its cut resulting in steam being released from the open seam tube in the welding area. This can be reduced by using our special impedor mounting system with dual feed to the impedor.

Small impedors










Small diameter impedors 003


PTFE covered impedors ensure the biggest possible ferrite mass whilst the exposed end design gives ‘laminar’ coolant flow over the end of the impedor. Because the end of the ferrite is exposed the diameter is smaller than the main impedor body giving better clearance inside the tube at the welding point.








We also offer special return flow impeders down to 8mm outside diameter with quartz glass covers to ensure no coolant leakage into the bore of the tube. These can be specifically used for continuous process lines for bright annealed tube which is often produced in 1 – 1.5km lengths.