Large Diameter Impedors



There are various alternatives for larger diameter impedors, personal preference and the application in question will depend somewhat on the selection. For pipe sizes in the 3.5” – 8” range you can use standard through flow impedors with single large ferrites or multiple pieces, these are available up to 152mm outside diameter.

HR4B large diameter ferrite 001


We also offer a range of ‘heavy duty’ versions of these impedors where higher power and/or low frequency is in operation. Utilising these designs with increased ferrite mass ensures that high power welders are not consuming excessive power from the supply system and good load matching is achieved. Careful design of ferrite positioning also guarantees that the magnetic flux is concentrated in the Welding vee and does not heat up surrounding equipment with stray fields.




A cost effective alternative as pipe diameters increase is an impedor cluster assembly. This consists of a number of individual impedors assembled together into a common manifold which feeds coolant to the impedors. These impedors can be standard round through flow or rectangular configuration and have quick release fittings. Cluster assemblies consist of an aluminium manifold with a clamping system. Also included is a spacer plate to maintain correct alignment of the impeders. Coolant connections are flexible hoses or copper tubing. Return-flow cluster assemblies are available as an option.












EHE Consumables rectangular modular impedor clusters can be utilised for larger diameter pipe ranges. A single manifold system can cover a pipe diameter range from 6.625” – 24” OD. The photo below shows a 14-impedor manifold for 660mm x 25mm wall thickness API pipe. In normal operating conditions the top impedor would require periodic replacement, this impedor can be supplied as exposed ferrite design(as shown) or with a ceramic heat protection pad to increase lifetime.

609-660mm rectangular impedor manifold support-5










All modular clusters are supplied with quick disconnect fittings to facilitate rapid changing of impedors.