Duratrim Edge scarfer installed at Fennosteel

Duratrim Edge scarfer installed at Fennosteel November 26th, 2014  

Fennosteel is a producer of carbon steel and coated steel tubes including Aluminized and ALZN for exhaust systems. In the past they had used a well-known edge scarfing system with limited success and reliability. Operations Manager, Juha Leppanen commented ‘Duratrim offered something different with all cutting inserts able to follow strip movements whilst maintaining a positive cutting pressure at all times. For us the prime objective was to reduce weld defects caused by material inclusions and we have already seen a significant improvement in this area’.

Duratrim is easily retrofitted into any tube mill at the entry of the forming section and just after accumulator. It operates with only compressed air and mains supply for solenoid isolation, there are no driven rolls, everything is free-running. The ability to control each of the eight (8) scarfing inserts individually enables precise and accurate edge scarfing at all times. An optional brush/blower system is also available to remove scarfed material prior to strip forming.

Welding of coated and specialised materials is much more challenging than standard carbon steel products and the failure to correctly prepare the edges will lead to inclusions and weld failures. It can also result in excessive ‘molten’ material being squeezed out of the welding zone, causing premature failure of scarfing inserts and Impedor assemblies. These issues invariably lead to excessive mill downtime and significant quality issues.