EHE Consumables – New brand name for STE

January 2nd, 2018  

Back in January 2015 STE was acquired by EFD Induction Group AS. This was a strategic acquisition to align tube & pipe consumables with EHE (Electronic Heating Equipment) in the USA who joined EFD in 2012. EHE has been established in the USA for more than 35 years and is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of impeders and induction coils for the tube and pipe industry.

After successfully establishing a new impeder manufacturing plant in Gliwice, Poland in 2016, we are now ready to transition to a common brand for tube & pipe consumables globally. To this end, we will be changing our identity for both USA and Europe companies to ‘EHE Consumables’. In the coming weeks you will see a transformation of this website to reflect this change, this will also be seen in our general documentation.